Raw Garden Live Resin 1G Cartridge (MULTIPLE FLAVORS)


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Raw Garden believes in 100% natural farm-fresh Cannabis. We are farmers first and foremost, and it all starts with Cannabis plants bred and farmed in the beautiful valleys of California’s Central Coast. The combination of fertile soil, hot sun, and cool nights yields an incredibly diverse, potent, and flavorful crop of Cannabis flowers. Our strict third-party verified and organically-based farming methods ensure we are good stewards of the land, and only clean Cannabis is used to create our products.

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Choose From The Following RAW GARDEN Flavors:

– Surf Beast (Sativa)
– Lemon Drop (Sativa)
– Strawberry Tart (Sativa)
– Chemstopper (Hybrid)
– Lime Mojito (Hybrid)
– Strawberry Badlands (Hybrid)
– Slurmy Temple (Hybrid-Indica)
– Dojo Kush (Indica)
– Hula Dancer (Indica)
– Sunrise OG (Indica)


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